7 Ways to Bathe Baby Correctly


7 Ways to Bathe Baby Correctly – As a parent, the hardest thing to do for your child is to bathe him. Most babies cry and don’t want to take a bath. You don’t need to worry, here are powerful tips for bathing a baby

How to Bathe a 3 Month Baby
DR. I Gusti Ayu Nyoman Partiwi, SpA, MARS, or more familiarly known as dr. Tiwi, explained that at the age of 3 months and above, babies can get acquainted with normal temperature water and don’t need warm water anymore.

After reaching the age of 3 months, with a minimum weight of 6 kg, babies need to be introduced to plain water when bathing.

Plain water will make baby’s skin healthier, compared to warm water which tends to dry out the skin.

1. Choose a Warm Place

Choose a warm place to bathe the baby. Do not choose a place with a lot of wind because it can make the child cold.

2. Prepare All Equipment

Prepare the equipment needed to bathe him. Items such as buckets, soap, shampoo, towels, cotton swabs, and washcloths are good for babies.

3. Using Warm Water

First test the condition of the water that will be used by the baby to bathe by using the arm or elbow. The water used should be warm and comfortable for the baby.

4. Undressing the Baby

The next way to bathe the baby is to remove his clothes. Remove the baby’s clothes carefully, gently holding the neck and head. Clean first if the baby wets or has a bowel movement.

5. Clean the Eye Area

While holding the baby’s head carefully, gently clean the eye area using a cotton ball that has been moistened with warm water. Be careful not to hit the inside of the eye.

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6. Washing Baby’s Face

Use a soft, damp washcloth to wipe your baby’s mouth, nose, neck creases, and entire face. Do strokes from the center to the outside.

7. Washing Baby’s Hair

Place one arm under his back and palm behind his head. Use your free hand to wet baby’s hair with a washcloth. Then rinse the baby’s hair with water until there is no cleanser left.

8. Washing Baby’s Body

Wet and pour soap on your hands or a soft washcloth and start cleaning the baby’s entire body. Don’t forget to clean the diaper area using clean warm water.

9. Umbilical Cord Care

How to bathe a baby who still has an umbilical cord can be done by cleaning the area at the base of the umbilical cord and its surroundings with a cotton ball. Don’t be afraid to clean the umbilical cord!

10. Dressing the Baby

Be sure to dry the baby before dressing him. You can also provide baby care such as lotion, powder, and others to help moisturize the skin and make it more comfortable.