Dental Marketing With a Quarterly Newsletter

Dental Marketing With a Quarterly Newsletter – It might be hard to believe, but your dental business is not on the minds of your patients very often. As dentists, we’re always thinking of dentistry, but our patients are not. And that is exactly why we need a consistent dental marketing plan.

How do you know if your dental marketing plan might be a bit deficient? Here are a few symptoms to look out for:

Your current patients do not make appointments for regular check ups.
You are not getting many patient referrals.
Your patients don’t seem confident with your treatment recommendations.
Your current patients are not paying their bills on time dental marketing agency.

These are all signs that your dental marketing program is not working.

Many dentists believe that marketing is for finding new patients. But the truth is, marketing to our current patients is almost more important than marketing for new patients. When we don’t continue marketing to our current patients, presenting ourselves as the experts that we are, they forget about us. They don’t make regular appointments. They don’t send their friends in to come see us. They don’t trust our professional opinions. And they don’t remember to pay their bills.

Marketing to current dental patients is actually less expensive and more effective than marketing to new prospects. And because our current patients are already familiar with us, our marketing messages can be more concise.

One great tool to add to your dental marketing plan is a quarterly newsletter. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive. Simple highlights of your new services, a brief introduction of your staff members, and an interesting dental fact here and there are all you need to remind your patients that you are the dentist and that you are the expert.

Your dental marketing newsletter can be created right in your office, on your own PC. But if you or a staff member don’t have the skills, or the time, needed to create your quarterly newsletter, there are plenty of agencies who can handle the page layout, the content creation, even the mailing. The advantage of using an agency is that you know your newsletter will always get out on time; and consistency is one criteria for setting yourself apart as an expert in the minds of your patients.

A quarterly newsletter to current patients is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep your name in front of your dental patients. With just a little planning and minimal effort, you can add this technique to your dental marketing program today.

Do you often feel frazzled and overwhelmed when you walk into your dental office, even though it’s the first thing in the morning? Do you dream of being able to work a “normal” schedule, with more time to do the things you love to do? Is your dental business draining every ounce of energy from you so that you have nothing left by the end of the day?

I’m Dr. Madlena Kantscheff and I know exactly how you’re feeling, because I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve owned my own dental business for more than 20 years, and I’ve struggled with the same issues you’re struggling with right now.