How to Parenting Correctly


How to Parenting Correctly – In educating children is not an easy thing for parents to do. Childhood is a very difficult time to go through. The reason is that there are many desires of children that must be obtained as a child. here’s how to take care of children properly and correctly so that they are obedient since childhood

Show Good Example

The first tip for educating children is to set a good example. There are no perfect parents, but you and your partner should set a good example for your children in everyday life. If you want your child to be gentle and kind and polite, then you must always act in the same way as a role model. Remember that parents are examples that children will follow until they grow up.

Call Child’s Name

When calling a child, it is also better to say his name, so that the child feels considered and appreciated by his parents. When turning and paying attention to you, say well what you want from your little one. Avoid shouting because this is not a good way of educating children. When this habit is done, it makes your little one feel annoyed and afraid of you and don’t listen to what you have to say.

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Build the Habit of Listening

A good way of educating children requires getting used to listening to whatever the child has to say. Even if you give him orders, that doesn’t mean you don’t hear their excuses. It could be that the child is feeling tired, is upset with the school atmosphere, or has problems with his friends, and so on. If you show an attitude of being willing to listen to their complaints, you will make the children listen to your orders. Listening to your child will also make him accustomed to expressing his opinion.

Recognize Emotion Triggers in Children

Parents should know when and why their child is upset or angry about something. If you want to give orders or teach children something, don’t do it at those times. If your child is angry, try to give him time to calm down and let him explain what caused him to be angry. Only after the child has calmed down can you talk to him, for example giving orders or teaching something.

Always Consistent

Parenting that is applied regularly and consistently will make children feel more secure. Children become aware of what you as a parent want so that they can be calmer when given orders. For example, if you forbid your child not to eat his food repeatedly every day on a consistent basis, the child will be more understanding and calm about finishing his food.