Common Parenting Problems

Common Parenting Problems – When it comes to parenting, there are definitely some problems that must be faced. One of the most common problems is children who don’t want to obey. Here are some common parenting issues that parents experience. Anything? Come on, see the full explanation below.

1. Children often have tantrums

Children who often have tantrums are one of the most common things parents experience, especially if the child is still a toddler. This condition, not only affects children, but sometimes can also provoke the emotions of parents. For example, when a child cries screaming because he doesn’t get the toy he wants. In such situations, it is important for parents not to lose their cool and not to overreact immediately. Wait for the child to calm down and then listen to what he wants.

Common Parenting Problems

2. Children who like to argue

Children sometimes like to say ‘no’ to the rules given by their parents. They think that what they have to do is not interesting or fun. In this situation, parents may feel annoyed with their children. Better, stay calm about this, Moms.
Try to invite children to discuss and find a way out together.

3. Brother and sister rivalry

If you have two or more children, the fights that often occur between them are certainly a challenge in itself every day. The best way to deal with this is to separate them after the fight and wait for them to calm down. Keep in mind that parents should not be the judge and decide who is right and wrong.

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4. Children lie

It is not impossible if children at a certain age can lie. If you find out your child is lying, don’t overreact right away. Yes Moms, do not immediately punish the child.
Instead, give advice to your child that there is nothing to gain from lying. Give an example of a problem that his lying might cause.

5. Children are aggressive

Some children often show an aggressive attitude when angry. Maybe they will feel annoyed and cry to the point of hitting other people, be it a brother or sister, even their own parents. This of course makes parents feel stressed because they do not know how to deal with it.
Instead of scolding your child back, it’s best to find out the reason for his aggressive behavior. If there is an outburst of anger that is getting worse, it never hurts to take the child to a specialist to find out other possible conditions.